7 Ways You Can Peacefully Impact the World

A few months back I was chatting with a friend of mine and he asked me a simple question. \”Do you think humans will ever learn how to live together with true peace and compatibility?\” Not having an immediate answer, I thought about this for a while. I believe there is an inherent seed of goodness and peace within all but as we grow and have more experiences that seed is often buried.

My answer was this…. Yes, it is possible, but with our current system, I don\’t think it\’ll ever happen. How could it happen with a worldwide system that flourishes on of greed, power, and exploitation?

It\’s interesting as I sit in coffee shops to work or travel to speak, how seldom it seems that people genuinely look at each other compassionately. It seems as if people are so consumed with their own problems, there is no reason to even open the mind or heart to the suffering of others.

I\’d like to challenge you to ask yourself the question… \”Is it possible for us to transform our planet and if so, what will we transform it into?\”

Wait No More

We may never have a monumental shift of peace and unity on planet earth. It is possible for us, however, to make small incremental shifts in our lives that can make a peaceful and lasting impact in the world.

Here are 7 Ways You Can Peacefully Impact the World:

1. Say Hello To A Stranger – Acknowledge people. Strike up a conversation. We can pass 50 people a day and be so consumed in our own mind that we recognize few if any. Shift this, say hello.

2. Compliment Others – Share words that can bring a smile to others. You can compliment a coworker, a friend, the barista at your local coffee shop, or even your own family. Use your words to uplift.

3. Conscious Consumption & Consumerism – Be aware of where you place your resources. Be conscious of the food you buy and clothes you wear. This could be done by consuming more organic fruits and vegetables and purchasing fair trade goods.

4. More Compassion, Less Judgment – Look at the world with eyes of compassion and less judgment. Be willing to catch your mind when it spirals off into the land of judgment.

5. Smile More – This is a simple one. Studies have shown that when we smile we not only make ourselves happier but we help others become happier as well.

6. Look For the Best In People – Focus on the good qualities in others. Especially, those people you are around most.

7. Recognize Your Connection – The sun, the earth, oxygen, water, thoughts, feelings, a heart, a mind, a body are a few of the things you share in common with every other human on planet earth. If you see the things that connect you with other, you see that we are woven into the web of life. What you do to another, you do to all.

Let us do our little bit of good right where we are. When we combine our little bits of good together, we create a lasting transformation.

Jeffon Seely


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