Our Approach

Our Approach

We serve as “agents of global transformation.” In practice, transformation is the result of how we treat each other on a day to day basis:

  • the acceptance of differences
  • the establishment of trust
  • the support of each other's well-being

It is a definitive statement that we care about each other’s well-being.

Our Story

We make a distinction between change and transformation:

Change is modification of organization, process, and behavior, whereas transformation is irreversible reprogramming in mind-set.  Interpersonal transformation is based upon the following statement:

“Authentic human interaction is the most powerful phenomenon
for invaliding perceptions we have about each other that
have no basis in experiential reality.”

Each small act we practice, initially, with those closest to us, is an incremental transformation of the Earth's consciousness.

When a small act of kindness is done with no expectation in return, it becomes a small act of transformation. We must first, become a difference, before we can truly make a (transformational) difference, with absolutely no subliminal expectation in return!

Eventually, these small actions may include everyone in our day-to-day living and working environments. The cumulative actions of each of us will transform the world. Begin today by using the following steps:

  1. Think of the five people you encounter most in your personal and/or work life.
  2. Write one "small act" you could do to contribute each person's well-being, happiness, or success.
  3. Do each of the small acts with no announcement and expectation of these individuals.

After two or three weeks, examine how your relationships have transformed and the transformation in the quality of your life. If you experience a positive change, expand this way of being and behaving to practically anyone you encounter. Examples are shown by clicking on the following link:  Small Acts of Transformation

For an experience of the Quick-Track, Single-User Small Acts of Inclusion Program, Click here.

“The quality of your relationships is a measure of the quality of your life.”

This website will publish STORIES of implementing Small Acts of Transformation. It will also include BLOGS in English and German as well as BOOKS which support this movement. Your contribution to the STORIES, responses to the BLOGS, and invitation to your friends to participate is vital to the success of this website movement.

Next Steps...

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