Three Vital Attributes For Happiness

The first, of course, is health. Without a healthy body (including those with disabilities) little else matters—no matter how many resources we might have; money, possessions, education, fame, so-called status (which I don’t believe in), awards, or whatever symbols we use to distinguish between ourselves in support of the basic human dichotomy of superior/inferior; movie,“Me Before You.”

Health includes the oneness of body mind spirit. A highly functional Body is pretty much self-explanatory. It supports the activities that correspond to our most important values, such as family, service, religion, creativity, empowerment, inner exploration, or the many forms of physical expression.

A healthy Mind is the result of the continual process of learning to distinguish between illusion and reality of threats to one’s survival. For example, disagreement about the best system of economics, politics, education, government, religion, or societal customs or folkways are pure (entertaining and sometime highly-emotional) illusion. More specifically, such disagreements are not a direct threat of our physical survival. However, most of us appear to lack the awareness to make a distinction. Real threats involve armed conflict, human suppression, and a lack of sufficient food, shelter, and clothing necessary for our survival.

Spiritual oneness is the continual expansion/acquisition of wisdom through life’s learning opportunities—day-to-day conflict. Instead of learning from conflict, pain, or challenging situations, for example, we have a plethora of drugs—both legal and illegal—to provide an escape. Most us use this alternative in lieu of an expanded way of being, called wisdom. We are either unaware or simply ignore the fact that conflict, pain, and challenging situations are messages from our human consciousness that inner exploration is the source of permanent resolution. I define wisdom as an in-depth understanding, empathy, and compassion for the human experience.

Therefore, Health, as I have discussed here, is the highly functional oneness of Body, Mind, and Spirit. The other two attributes of happiness, Relationships and Passion, are posted under Products — Additional Resources – White Papers.

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  1. I agree that many people choose to medicate themselves or find excuses for the way they feel rather that to understand that a range of emotions is part of having a healthy attitude about being human. Sometimes it is even painful, boring or sad. I think learning to manage emotions and knowing capabilities and limits gives one personal security and peace. Happiness and peace are not necessarily the same thing.

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