The Way Of The Heart—an Informal Or A Keynote Speech

The Way of the Heart is the willingness to create a consciousness of compatibility in the way we live and work together. It is a context which has the potential to permanently resolve the conflicts and challenges we experience with respect to differences in people, culture, religion, and political philosophy. The crucial element in achieving this way of living is the comprehensive development of inclusive relationships, characterized by the acceptance of differences, the establishment of trust, and mutual support of each other’s success and well-being.

Small Acts Of Transformation—a Workshop

Small Acts of Transformation is a highly experiential workshop which leads us through the process of learning how each of us can create inclusive relationships with those in our workplace, community, and personal lives. These relationships are established though the everyday interactions we have with others who are part of our presently existing personal and workplace network. Learn how to master the key element which results is a mutually supportive network that experiences health, happiness, and success.

Mindfulness—a Workshop

Mindfulness is a workshop designed to gain an in-depth understanding of how we affect others in our day-to-day interactions. With such a level of increased awareness, we can consciously learn to adopt both a mind-set and behaviors to achieve the types of relationships we desire. This workshop has achieved acclaim as a Ted Talk and is exclusively led by Mr. Jeffon Seely.

William A. Guillory, Ph.D.

William A. Guillory is an authority on personal and organizational transformation. Bill has published more than twelve books on this subject including Realizations, How to Become a Total Failure, Spirituality in the Workplace, Living Without Fear, and the Guides. His most recent writings is the The Pleiadian Series of three books. Prior to founding the consulting firm Innovations International Inc., Dr. Guillory was a chemical physicist of international renown. He has facilitated leadership seminars for more than 400 organizations, throughout the world. In addition, he has led workshops and retreats throughout the world on human compatibility, small acts, and inclusive relationships through the Center for Creativity and Inquiry.

Ms. Ulla Knoll

Ulla Knoll resides near Frankfurt, Germany. She represents The Way of the Heart in Europe and the eastern hemisphere. She is the CEO of IVR Consulting. Prior to establishing IVR she worked as an administrative manager for 19 years. Ulla is fluent in English and has translated several books from English to German. The major focus of her public seminars and workshops are: Collaboration, Teamwork, Diversity, Empowerment, Leadership and Quantum-Thinking. Ulla’s passion is to powerfully enable organizations, their leaders, managers and employees to perform consistently as a high-performance organization. Ms. Knoll has facilitated and personal coach for more than 20 years.

Mr. Jeffon Seely

Jeffon Seely is a senior consultant and business partner with Innovations International as well as a highly acclaimed workshop and keynote facilitator. Mr. Seely is a highly recognized leading resource in the field of Diversity, Inclusion, and high performance. As a Millennial, he has more than 10 years, specializing in programs involving the evolving role of Millennials and the 2020 Generation. He has assisted major corporations, non-profit organizations, and government and academic institutions with innovative strategies to integrate the evolving generations into management and leadership roles. He also presents transformational speeches to audiences through keynotes, leadership seminars, and open forums.

Mr. Philip Davis

Philip Davis is a well-known public speaker and workshop facilitator. He is masterful in the language of “plain talk” to his audiences. His fundamental passion is helping others to achieve health, happiness, and success in their lives. He is a co-author of the book, “How to Become a Total Failure” with Bill Guillory. He is expert in The Way….. Speech as well as the Small Acts…….Workshop. Phil is also masterful in not only explaining the ideas with personal stories but facilitates transformation is a natural, friendly way.

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