1 Million Acts of Transformation

On most mornings when I leave for work, my next door neighbor\’s garage door is open and I hear his table top router cutting out new wooden cars. Daryl makes these cars for various humanitarian groups who take his finished cars and give them to kids around the world who have never had a toy.

He told me today that he and his chapter have donated over 1 million of these wooden cars to groups like the LDS Humanitarian Center and Toys for God’s Kids. These toys not only give hope and joy to children around the world, but when I went to the Toys for God\’s Kids website I learned that most of the cars are being built by people just like my neighbor, people who have decided to live lives of service in their retirement. The program is transforming their lives too.

To get the raw material for the cars, Daryl has developed relationships with manufacturers from Salt Lake to Phoenix who donate scrap wood. These tiny little cars have created a whole supply chain of transformation.

If you want to learn more click here to watch a video.

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