Small Acts of Transformation

In 2008, I published a white paper titled Small Acts of Inclusion–The Key to Organizational Transformation. My interest, at the time, was to design a process to transform a culture of exclusion and privilege to one of inclusion and equitable opportunity for all employees–in the least challenging way. The reason is, I make a distinction between “change” and “transformation.” Change is typically a modification in process, procedure, and behavior, whereas transformation is an irreversible change in mindset, attitude, and ultimately organizational culture. Change is reversible and transformation is permanent. Therefore, the process I wanted to introduce was one that involved “small incremental acts of transformation,” accumulated over time which resulted in permanent irreversible change in personal and organizational mind-set. I assumed the most practical way to accomplish this objective, for the present, was substantive (and often uncomfortable) human interaction, both in person and online.

After that first publication, we began to expand the idea of organizational transformation to global transformation through the irreversible change of human consciousness from Survival to Compatibility. The main distinction between the two is that we dominantly, not totally, learn to resolve differences without the necessity of killing each other. At present, we have not learned how to do so as humans. That is our challenge. In my opinion, if we could accomplish this transformation, it would be a “true” measure of our evolution as species; not necessarily, technological advancements.

Two questions naturally come to mind: Are we dominantly, as human species, capable and willing (intention) to achieve this transformation in human consciousness? The reason I pose these questions is that such a transformation has not occurred in human history, to the best of my knowledge.

I have discussed these questions as the theme of a contemporary fiction trilogy–The Pleiadian Series discussed on this site under PRODUCTS.

In my opinion, diversity, defined as the capacity to compatibly resolve and utilize differences to achieve greater human understanding, knowledge, creativity, and wisdom, is the next human Renaissance.

William A Guillory, Ph.D.
Co – Executive Director
The Way of the Heart

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