A Small Shift In Perspective Changes Everything

Shift In Perspective

Whenever we turn on the tv, click on the radio, scroll through social media, pick up a newspaper, listen to conversations at the coffee shop or at work we get bombarded with opinions and different views.

We hear about the state of the economy, typically negative. We hear about natural disasters and the millions of people impacted. We hear about leaders feuding like children, only instead of arguing about toys, they bully with nuclear weapons. We hear about refugees fleeing from bombs and wars.

In addition to all the news entering our mind from the world, we are also dealing with our personal lives. Family, finances, friends, bills, mental well-being, exercise, eating, prescriptions and the role we play in all of this.

Without standing guard at the doorway of our mind, our perspective and outlook can easily get dragged down. When that happens, simultaneously our thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions are impacted.

Some stay in this negative cycle for days, weeks, even years, allowing their perspective, which is shaped by the outside world, to determine what takes place within themselves. Unfortunately, most are unaware that a simple shift in perspective can be the catalyst for a transformation.

A Simple Practice

A simple practice I’d like share with you is to shift your outlook towards something a little more positive and empowering.

*Important Note*

Shifting our perspective doesn’t mean to act as if there are not atrocities, pain, and suffering taking place across the globe. It is not acting as if those things are not real. Instead, it is doing our best to not let the external world steal our inner peace and dictate the way we show up each day.

If we are willing to start shifting our perspective, we grasp a never fleeting freedom within.

Simple Activity For Today

I challenge you to shift your perspective.

This may help:

What is one situation that you would consider negative?

Once identified switch it with a fresh new perspective rooted in positivity and possibility.

As you make this shift in your outlook, pay special attention to what happens with the thoughts, emotions, and choices that flow from this internal shift.  

Feel free to share your shift in perspective in the comments below.

(Mine is choosing to see the best in each person I pass, regardless of the way they choose to interact with me)

Jeffon Seely

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