An important reminder: We are surrounded by gratitude

Surrounded By Gratitude

What’s going right?

This is a question I challenge myself with when life gets difficult.

When I ask myself this I am quickly reminded of all the things that are going right at any given moment.

Suddenly, I remember the breath I am breathing, I feel my heartbeat and bring to mind all that is occurring within my body.

I observe nature surrounding me and think about the planet spinning, rivers flowing, oceans ebbing and flowing, trees growing and the sun shining.

As I fill my inner world with this deep gratitude, a shift occurs.

Even if I happen to be bombarded with the ills of the world, I can take a stand within my consciousness and not allow the external world become my inner reality.

From this space, I find an everlasting freedom.

Immersed In Gratitude

When we are in this state of gratitude it’s important that we do not put on the blinders.

It’s not about refusing to see the realities of our world, instead, it’s about recognizing regardless of what is happening around us, there is a place of peace we can tap into within.

If we are immersed in gratitude our attitude shifts and as that happens, the world around us starts to transform.

If you’re having difficulty finding some things to be grateful today, the list below can help…

10 Things We Can Be Grateful For Today

1 – Planet Earth – Just imagine all that has gone into creating this planet that we all dwell upon.

2 – The Sun – Feel the sun on your skin, look at the trees around you and think about how essential the sun is for our lives to exist.

3 – Our Hearts – Take a moment to feel your heartbeat. It beats on average of 100,000 times a day. Be grateful for at least one.

4 – Oxygen – The oxygen you breathe today has been flowing through the universe for billions of years. The oxygen you breathe connects you with the vast space above.

5 – The Ability to Think – Your thoughts create things. Beneath the reality, you are currently experiencing are thoughts that you gave power to. In this moment, you can begin to think something new and create a new experience.

6 – Power of a Positive Perspective As you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

7 – The Breath – Take a few deep breaths and feel the life within you. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated, let your breath anchor you to the peace inside of yourself.

8 – Positive Relationships – Be grateful for the people in your life who make your life greater. It matters not if they are still here or have transitioned, be grateful for the positive relationships in your experience.

9 – The Present Moment – This moment contains it all. From this moment we shape our future. Be present.

10 – Life – If you are grateful for life, you find gratitude for all.

Let these lead you.


Jeffon Seely

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