The Source of Humanistic Behaviors

In the process of working on my next book, The Aftermath,  I encountered a question I have been asking a number of people: What is the source of a humanistic \”way of being,\” which precedes humanistic behaviors? Most have said, \”I don\’t know?\” Some have said the \”heart or one\’s inner self.\” A few have …

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Mitigating the Effects of Racism

My mother taught me from a very early age that the most difficult part of solving a problem was discovering and telling truth about a problem. That sounded easy, at first. Then she instructed me to explore how I participated in keeping the problem active. And finally, she suggested I ask myself, “what did it …

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Small Acts of Transformation

In 2008, I published a white paper titled Small Acts of Inclusion–The Key to Organizational Transformation. My interest, at the time, was to design a process to transform a culture of exclusion and privilege to one of inclusion and equitable opportunity for all employees–in the least challenging way. The reason is, I make a distinction …

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