How to Get Out of Suspended Animation

Most recently, as I talk to friends, many say they are in state of suspended animation. The country appears to be a ship without a rudder, no leadership, no destination, and a vision of where are headed is non-existent. There is no help coming from Congress or anyone in that body. We talk of coming together when we really have not admitted to the comprehensive source of the problem we are really dealing with. Denial prevails. Most countries around the world have little or no respect for us. We pretend we can separate politics from all other forms of human activity, such as football, working relationships, planning, etc. But we know we are fooling ourselves. So after listening to these comments from my friends, I ask myself, \”What are YOU going to do about YOUR experience?\”

1. I am not going to wait for any great leader to show up and make my life work.

2. I am going to start with contributing to the people who are an everyday part of my life, at work and at home.

3. I am going to appreciate more what I have and not feel if I get more of something, my life will finally work out.

4. I am going to try to do a better job of understanding where other people are coming from; especially their fears, without giving feedback or advice.

5. I am going to try live consistent with my passion–human compatibility–every moment I can, because nothing is promised to me for tomorrow.

6. Ultimately, I am going to live in a constant state of personal transformation where differences are concerned. Transformation from a human to a human being.


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